Thursday, 31 March 2011

Here Comes 4th Year!

ok time to start planning for my final film. i had the intension of working on my own project pretty much solo but got scared and jumped on a lesser film, joke its awsome. the new film that is. my old project was about the destruction of a street, following the destruction backwards in slow motion. basicaly a chance for me to show of my mad 3D skills and get a job but realising the amount of work i have decided to work on a character piece with two other class mates. i will still be working on the street scene throughout the year and posting updates as time goes on to let you all see how its going. the plan is to have a really nice looking 4th yaer film and to have the other one as a show reel piece.

Anyway, the film im working on is about a time traveller who achieves his goal but struggles to get back to the present, in a nut shell. the film has 3 team members and we will most likely be setting up a group blog when the work productioon is large enough to warrent it. there is already a live action animatic along with a fair amount of concept art to support the desired look of the animation. personaly i'll be working on the 3D side of it, modelling, texturing, lighting, cameras and the like. i will be modelling fairly constantly for the next 6 months and as i go i'll be posting turn arounds and still in order to get feed back. we are also hoping to have a good looking pre-vis animatic before the end of semester.

aspects such as texturing and character design are being shared amoung ourselves and other members of the class for work load and studentship reasons.

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